To invite students to a classroom, go to your Dashboard and click on Classrooms (or select it from the drop-down menu). There is a button that says “Invite students." 


You can ask students to join your classrooms in one of three ways:

1. Provide a class code: This is best if you have a 1:1 classroom setup. Have all your students visit and type in the code that you give in class.

2. Share a classroom-specific link: Use this option if you use Google Classrooms, Schoology, Blackboard, or another LMS. Post the link in your LMS and ask your students to join your class. No more cumbersome copy-pasting hundreds of emails!

3. Send an email invitation to all your students: This is convenient if you have a list of their email addresses handy, or need to invite just one or two students who are joining late.