Virtual Classrooms are the best way to share lessons with your students. Students create free accounts to access content you assign to them, and you can post a link directly to your assignment in your Google Classroom, Blackboard, Schology or other LMS with instructions for your students. Every teacher account is allowed to invite 50 students per class, and to create 5 classrooms (250 students total).

1. Create a classroom either on your Dashboard, or directly on a lesson page. Give it a name and invite at least one student.

2. Ask students to join a classroom in one of three ways:
  • With a class code: Have all your students visit and enter your easy-to-type class code. (You will find explicit instructions you can copy and paste for students on the "Classrooms" tab of your Dashboard.)
  • Share an invitation link: Post a classroom invitation link in your LMS or email it to our class list. Students will then create their own accounts on their own time. It's free and all they need is their name, an email, and a password. (No more cumbersome copy-pasting hundreds of emails!)
  • Enter a list of emails: Give us your students' email addresses and we'll send them an account and a classroom invitation link. This is convenient if you have a list of their email addresses handy, or need to invite just one or two students who are joining late.
  • Google Classroom integration is coming soon .... 


3. Send an assignment to your class. You can assign a lesson (along with its associated quiz), a whole chapter, or a chapter exam with your students. Click the "Teacher" or "Share" tab and follow the prompts. You can either share with a whole class, or to specific students in your class to tailor instruction to each student’s needs. This is a great tool for personalizing instruction.

4. View scores. Through your Dashboard, you have access to two reports: all the assignments that a student has completed, and all the students who have completed a single assignment. First score and best score (which might have been achieved after several attempts) are shown here. You can also see if a student has completed their assignment before or after the due date that you selected.