Use our videos, lesson plans, and worksheets to save time on planning and customizing your curriculum.

We have a number of solutions to help you save time and money as a teacher. Here is a list of our resources and how you can use them in your curriculum.

  • Lesson Plans: Thousands of interactive classroom plans, tied to Common Core curriculum standards, to shape interactive and effective lessons for students. Lesson plans cover materials, activities, and follow-up ideas to help students retain information on topics from Macbeth to Benedict Arnold to polar bears!

  • Discussion Questions: Provide relevant, analytical questions on popular subjects for students of all grade levels. Discussion questions will engage students with the lesson material to help make classroom conversations meaningful and memorable. They cover everything from literature topics like The Hobbit Discussion Questions to topics like Bullying Discussion Questions so you can start tough conversations in a productive manner.

  • English Language Learners (ELL): Lessons designed for ELL or ESL students that range from strategies for teaching ELL to instruction on learning the English language. These resources can help students of all ages advance their English proficiency. 

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Carefully-crafted courses to help you teach goal setting and emotional management. Courses like Promoting Students’ Social-Emotional Learning address the unique challenges involved in teaching social and emotional skills.  

  • Special Education: Courses and lessons designed to help teachers and parents of Special Education students. These resources provide guidance and solutions for a range of special needs students, for example Teaching Students with ADHD to Fundamentals of Early Childhood Special Education.  

  • Continuing Education/Compliance Courses: Cover topics that teachers need to maintain their teaching certification, including Anti-Bullying Training for Teachers and Bloodborne Pathogens Training. Complete these courses to earn continuing education credits from your district, where approved.