Every Study.com Teacher Edition comes with 250 Free Student Accounts! 

Here's how you can give your students access:

1. Log in and go to the lesson you want to share.

2. Click either "Share with Study.com Classroom" or "Share with Google Classroom" on the lesson URL you want to share. You can also do this on Chapter pages and Exams to share the whole chapter or the exam.

3. Name your Study.com classroom. You can manage your classrooms on your Dashboard and create more groups there. But to get started, just make your first one here.

4. Click Share

5. Copy the Share URL. You can copy this to your clipboard and share it with your class.


This is a special URL. When your students visit it, they will be prompted to create a Free Study.com Account and will be automatically added to the classroom you made. They will see the lesson your shared in their Dashboard > Assignments. They can log in again at any time in the future to see all their assignments from you (and any other teachers using Study.com)

If you prefer to have your students join your class without an assignment, you can Invite them by entering their email (and we will send them an invitation link).

If your students are already members of study.com and they need to just join your class, you can send them a classroom code to enter or a unique URL to use. You will find this on your Dashboard >Classrooms > Add by Classroom Code


6. View assignment scores. Through your Dashboard, you have access to two score reports: all the assignments that a student has completed, and all the students who have completed a single assignment. First score and best score (which might have been achieved after several attempts) are shown here. You can also see if a student has completed their assignment before or after the due date that you selected.