Custom Courses on allow you to group together lessons that you want your students to learn. Creating Custom Courses is simple and is available to all users with the Teacher Edition Membership

1) Once logged in with your Teacher Edition account, you'll want to select 'Custom Courses' from the sidebar. 

2) Select 'Create Course' to create a new course.

3) A popup will appear. Title your course and hit 'save'

4) Create at least one chapter by clicking the 'add chapter' button

5) You can now navigate to any lesson to add it to your course! Below the lesson video, click on the 'add to' button. You should see the name of your custom course! 

You can then assign these custom courses to your students. Remember, you must have a Teacher Edition Membership in order to use this feature. Please note you can have up to 10 courses, with 50 lessons in each of those courses.