Teacher video notes are for teachers looking to add questions or key points into the lesson, which will be shown when they present the video in class. 

We've created this feature to save teachers time from pausing a video to ask questions during classtime. A teacher may add 10 'notes' to any given lesson. 

To add a note to the video, you must start the video lesson and start typing when you would like to include the question at that specific time. 

Once you start typing, the note will be marked at that specific time. 

Once you click 'Save Note', it will appear on the right-hand side and you will also see it appear in the video timeline.



Now when you play the lesson in class, it will stop the video and present the 'note' you created.


To resume the video, press 'Continue'. It's that easy!

Please note the student does not have access to the notes when you assign the lesson. This feature is only available on the teacher account, not the free student account.