What is Quiz Party?

Quiz Party is an interactive game that teachers can use in the classrooms to assess student understanding. Teachers choose a Study.com quiz to display on a projected screen, and students answer the questions on their own devices (phone, tablet, etc.). Quiz Party is a twist on Study.com quizzes that fosters classroom interaction, promotes long-term retention, and makes learning fun!

How does Quiz Party work?

To access Quiz Party, sign in with a Study.com Teacher Plan account. Your students do not need to have an account to participate in the quiz game, but you will need: 

  • A Study.com quiz
  • 10 to 15 minutes of class time
  • 2+ students, each with a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • A device to project the instructions and leaderboard

To play Quiz Party with your class:

  1. Go to a lesson you want to use in your classroom. Click on the "Quiz" tab. To preview quiz questions, click on "Worksheet."
  2. Click on "Learn More" on the right-hand side under Teacher Tools to open the game.

  3. Either click on "Instructions" to learn more or "New Game" to start the quiz.
  4. Your students must go to [ enter website ] on their own device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.), where they will enter their first name and game code. The game code will be located on the projected game screen. (If you need to remove a student from the game list, click on their name.)
  5. After clicking "Start", there is a countdown before the first question and its answer choices display on the projected game screen. 
  6. Students will read the question on the projector and select an answer on their device. The answer choices are colored and correspond to a shape. There is a 15 seconds time limit for students to select an answer, as indicated by the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Once either all students in the classroom answer the question, or time expires, the leaderboard will display the number of times each answer choice was selected. (You can click on the link provided on the leaderboard to return to the previous question if needed.)
  8. Each student will be notified whether their answer choice was correct or incorrect. The score for each correct answer depends on how quickly the student submitted their answer.
  9. At the end of the game, the leaderboard will indicate the winner(s) who received the highest points. Only the top 5 people will be shown. 


How many students can play?

The maximum number of students that can play Quiz party is 30. Encourage your students to work in pairs or small groups if needed, or if you want to foster collaboration! 

What type of quizzes can I use?

Any quiz with stand-alone practice questions (for example math and science questions) is fair game for Quiz Party. Passage-based quiz questions are the only type that will not be included in Quiz Party.

Can I adjust the time limit per question?

The default time limit per question is 30 seconds. You can customize this by clicking on "Options" before you start the game. You can either choose a time limit (15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds) or manually control the pace of the quiz.