At, we pride ourselves on the quality of our lessons. But sometimes, small mistakes accidentally make it onto the site. If you think you’ve spotted an error in a video, transcript, or quiz question, there’s an easy way to tell us!

When viewing a lesson, you will see a small link that reads Report an Error. 

For example:

In a video:

In a quiz:

No matter where you report your error from, clicking on this link will create a “Report an Error” pop-up box with two fields. First, you’ll select your error type under “Select type of error” and next, you’ll describe your error with “Please tell us about the error.”

In the “Please tell us about the error” box, please provide us with as much detail as possible about the source of the error and the nature of the error, including exactly what you believe is incorrect and how we can fix it.

Guidelines for submitting an effective error report include:

  • Provide the exact name of the lesson or exam where you saw the error.
  • Provide the exact text of the error, or an exact timestamp if it occurs in a video.
  • Describe exactly what you think is wrong and needs to be fixed