A wide variety of people are using Study.com to enrich their lives and enhance their personal learning experience. Some of our audience members include K-12 students, college students, teachers, homeschoolers, adult learners, and individuals working on their professional development.

K-12 students use Study.com:

  • to supplement classroom learning
  • to prepare for standardized tests and entrance exams

College Students use Study.com:

  • to earn college credit and save money on higher education
  • as an extra study resource and homework help

Teachers may choose Study.com:

  • to make classroom learning more engaging
  • as a resource for lessons plan, activities, and homework ideas

Homeschoolers use Study.com:

  • as an engaging source of lessons, courses, and educational content
  • to earn transferable high school and college credit

Adult learners may use Study.com:

  • for the purposes of lifelong learning
  • to earn transferable college credit on a flexible platform that fits their work schedules

Career professionals might choose Study.com:

  • as a way to complete professional development for their employers
  • to speed up career growth and advancement