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To take a quiz:

1.Click on the Quiz tab on any lesson page.


Hills Like White Elephants Lesson

2. Choose an answer.

3. Click ‘Next.’


Taking a quiz

4.You will receive your score at the end of the quiz.

From there, you can either retake the quiz or go to the next lesson in the course. Note that you need a score of 80% or more to pass a quiz so that it counts towards course completion.

You can also print a worksheet version of the quiz.

1.Underneath the quiz questions, click on ‘Worksheet,’ then the ‘Print Worksheet’ button.

2.There is also an option to ‘Print Answers’ along with the questions.


Get a worksheet or print an answer

Click on ‘About This Quiz & Worksheet’ to get more information about the quiz such as goals, skills practiced, and additional review opportunities.

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