Using to create classrooms and assign lessons can both save you time and keep your students engaged in their learning.

Assign lessons to students

1. Search for a lesson you'd like to send your students and click the Teacher tab. Enter your students' email addresses or load a classroom (instructions below!).

Tip: Be sure to watch or read through the full lesson to make sure it is the appropriate coverage and level for your students.


You can also send full chapters to your students to help them review larger amounts of material. Once you choose a chapter, click on the Teacher tab to share the chapter.

2. Fill out the Subject, Message, and Due Date fields under the Teacher tab with any necessary details.

3. Click ‘Send Assignment’ once you’re ready. Your students will receive emails with the assignment.


4. Keep track of your assignments by going to your dashboard and clicking on the Teacher tab. You can download reports on lesson viewing and quiz scores for all the students you sent the lesson to.


Create virtual classrooms

1. In the Teachers tab of any lesson, type in your students’ email addresses and click ‘Save Emails as Classroom’ to save your classroom with a name of your choice.


2. Use your classroom anytime to assign lessons to the whole class. Find a lesson you'd like to send your students, click the Teacher tab, and click ‘Load Classroom.’ This will load the entire list of students’ emails for that class.

3. Once you load your classroom, you can add or remove email addresses by clicking the x’s. Make sure to click ‘Save Emails as Classroom’ again in order to save it as a new class or update the existing class.

Classrooms on are a great way to minimize time and help you stay organized when assigning lessons to students.