NOTE: If you are requesting a transcript to send to Thomas Edison State University or Excelsior College for transfer consideration, you may request an official transcript by filling out this form. will send a transcript directly to your institution of choice at no additional cost to you.

If you are requesting a transcript to any other institution, please follow the steps below:

Since colleges and universities more readily award credit for courses listed on a regionally accredited college or university transcript, we have partnered with Excelsior College for our NCCRS transcript service.

To receive an Excelsior College transcript with your NCCRS credit-recommended courses, please follow the steps below:

  • Email and request your NCCRS transcripts. Be sure include the school(s) where you want the transcript sent.
  • Based on your school(s) the support team will inform on whether you need to fill out section 2) Student of this form with your information, including the Payment and Credit Card Authorization sections. Please note that there is a $40 transcript request fee.
  • Email with the completed form attached.

We will send this information to Excelsior College along with information about your completed NCCRS credit-recommended courses. Excelsior College will process and issue your transcript directly to you.