You can assign any lesson using the blue 'Share' button on any lesson page below the video. (Note every lesson includes a 5-question quiz that will be available when assigned)

Next, you will need to select a classroom that you want to assign the lesson to. 

Once you click 'Continue', choose a due date. Please note each assignment can only be assigned up to 6 months from the current date.

Next, you may choose to add assignment instructions or leave the default message that reads for example 'Please watch this video and complete the quiz by midnight on May 15th, 2018'.

Lastly, click 'Assign' and you're done!

You will receive a share URL after the assignment has been assigned successfully. This URL is specifically for the classroom you chose and you may post this link into your LMS so the students can be redirected to the lesson in

If students join a classroom after you have created an assignment, they will have access to all assignments associated with the classroom.

Note: If you do not have any classrooms or students yet, we will prompt you to add students before you can send assignments.