Custom Courses are highly customizable. Here are a few ways to modify custom courses:

Each number below corresponds to the number labeled in the picture above: 

  1. Click the title to edit the title of the Custom Course.
  2. Click this button to view the Custom Course page, add a chapter to the Custom Course, or delete the Custom Course.
  3. Click the description to edit the description of the Custom Course.
  4. Click the chapter title to edit the chapter title.
  5. Click this button to view or delete the chapter in the Custom Course.
  6. Click and drag this button to reorder the chapters in your Custom Course.
  7. Click the chapter description to edit the chapter description.
  8. Click this button to expand or collapse the list of lessons in a chapter.
  9. Click and drag this button to reorder the lessons in a chapter of your Custom Course.
  10. Click this button to remove a lesson from a chapter in your Custom Course.