If you have successfully completed one of Study.com's college credit-recommended courses, you are eligible to request a transcript from Study.com or one of our partner credit-recommending organizations. Requesting your transcript is easy!

If you have an active College Accelerator Account, here's how to start:

Click the "Request Transcripts" button on the My Courses tab of your Study.com Member Dashboard and follow the instructions to get the appropriate transcript sent to the institution of your choice.

If you have canceled your Study.com account or changed to a lower membership level, here's how to start:

If you have canceled your Study.com account, you can find the transcript request link by logging back into Study.com. The "request transcript" link will be on the "Reactivate your account" page.

If you have an active Study.com account at a Basic or Premium membership level, then you can use this online form to request a transcript for free: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/c13782d6b6794a7aa5a8612a9e61bbd7 (Anyone can also use this form if the above two methods do not work for any reason.)


How to Request a Transcript from ACE via Credly

The instructions below will show you how to add your completed Study.com courses to Credly's platform. Once you add them to this platform, you can use it to send a transcript.

To request an official ACE transcript, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Request Transcripts button as shown in the above picture.
  2. In this menu, confirm that your information is correct at each stage and select Continue.
    1. If you are not sending to a specific institution, put "Myself" in the institution field.
  3. When prompted, select ACE via Credly as your transcript option and hit Submit.
  4. Check your email address for two emails. 
    1. The first email will be a transcript request confirmation email from Study.com. 
    2. The second email will be from Credly and will detail how to request your transcript.
  5. The instructions in the Credly email will tell you how you can create an account on their platform. You need this account to request a transcript.
  6. Once you’ve created your account, this video will show you how to request a transcript with your ACE credit.


Note: If you followed the instructions above and did not receive an invitation email with your badge and have checked your spam folder, please contact Study.com support for more information.


What is Credly?


Credly is a digital credential company that’s partnered with ACE to provide digital badges for learners who have completed ACE recommended courses.

How to Request a Transcript from NCCRS

Start here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/bc459e75e85c4fc58cd296e7313709f2 which involves you printing out and mailing a paper form as well as filling out an online form.