If you have successfully completed one of Study.com's college credit-recommended courses, you are eligible to request a transcript from Study.com or one of our partner credit-recommending organizations. Requesting your transcript is easy!

If you have an active College Accelerator Account, here's how to start:

 Click the "Request Transcripts" button on the My Courses tab of your Study.com Member Dashboard and follow the instructions to get the appropriate transcript sent to the institution of your choice.

If you have canceled your Study.com account or changed to a lower membership level, here's how to start:

First, you need to determine whether your school needs an ACE transcript (from the American Council on Education), an NCCRS transcript (from Excelsior College, in partnership with the National College Credit Recommendation Service), or a transcript directly from Study.com, to process your transfer credit. We recommend that you ask your academic advisor and/or the registrar's office what kind they need. 

To request one from ACE, you'd start here: https://www2.acenet.edu/credit/?fuseaction=transcripts.main which involves signing up on the website and filling out a request there.

To use the NCCRS route, you'd start here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/6e460a9c2fa147b594e2e8c43a16e0b1 which involves you printing out and mailing a paper form as well as filling out an online form. 

If your school will accept a Study.com transcript directly, you'd start here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/c13782d6b6794a7aa5a8612a9e61bbd7 which involves you filling out an online form.