Teachers can use Study.com video lessons in the classroom to introduce concepts and foster understanding of concepts in students. Follow the tips below to enhance your classroom's video lesson experience.

Watch the video in full screen

Teachers can switch any video to a full screen mode. Full screen mode makes the video larger and hides the clutter on the rest of the page. You can switch a video to full screen mode by clicking on the fullscreen button on the bottom right of the video. 

Display the video on a projector

Here are a few tips related to using a projector to show a video in class.

  • Connect the video cable - usually VGA or HDMI - from your computer's external video port to the projector.
  • Connect your computer's 'audio out' to the projector, or to your sound system. Smaller class sizes may be able to skip this step.
  • Make sure that the both the projector and the computer are on. Some projectors take a while to warm up, so make sure to plan accordingly.
  • Some projectors have a film cap in front of the projecting lens. If both the projector and the computer are on but nothing is being projected, double check that the film cap isn't blocking the projecting lens.
  • Consult your school's tech team if you need further assistance connecting the projector to your computer.

Turn on closed captions

If the class is noisy or the speakers are not loud enough for the students in the back of the classroom, turning on closed captions can help students who are having trouble hearing the video. To turn on closed captions, click on the closed captions button on the bottom right of the video.

Change the video playback speed

Teachers can also change the playback speed of the video. Click on the settings button on the bottom right of the video to view the different options.