How to download a video in the mobile app

Members with Premium, College Accelerator, and Teacher memberships can download up to 20 video lessons on their mobile device. Downloaded videos are stored on the phone and can be played without an internet connection. Follow the instructions below to download a video lesson. 

  1. Log in to the mobile app with a Premium, College Accelerator, or Teacher account.
  2. Navigate to the lesson that you want to download.
  3. Tap on the Download icon at the top right of the video.
  4. While the video is downloading, there will be a spinning icon in place of the Download icon.
  5. Once the video is downloaded, there will be a check mark icon to indicate that the video is downloaded.
  6. Go to the Downloads tab to view all your downloaded videos.

How to present a video from your phone to a projector

Teachers who want to present a video from their phone to a projector have a variety of options, depending on the phone and the projector. 

The easiest way to project a video is to connect both the phone and the projector wirelessly, usually to the local WiFi network. Most modern projectors come with wireless capability and are able to communicate with other devices such as phones and computers on the same network. Refer to the manual that came with your projector for more detailed instructions on how to proceed, as different projectors have different steps to connect.

If wireless isn't an option, wired solutions are also available. iPhone users can use a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter cable to connect their phone to the HDMI port of of the projector. For projectors that do not have an HDMI port, a similar solution exists with a thunderbolt to VGA cable. Android phones vary greatly depending on the manufacturer but can generally be connected to the projector in a similar way through either the microUSB or USB-C port using the corresponding adapter. Make sure to check that your phone supports screen projection before trying to set the video up in a busy classroom setting.