Teachers can better manage their virtual classrooms with these new features: archive classroom and duplicate classroom.

What does it mean to archive a classroom?

Archiving a classroom means that you are moving the classroom down on the page and freeing up student accounts and classrooms associated with your teacher account. You may want to do this for a few reasons. You may want to:

  • de-clutter your classroom view
  • add more classrooms (the limit is 10 active per teacher) 
  • free up student accounts for your new classes (the limit is 250 active student accounts per teacher) 

What does it mean to duplicate assignments in a classroom?

When you duplicate assignments from a classroom, you will be asked to select another (or create a new) classroom and then copy the lessons from the previous classroom into the new destination. During that workflow, you will be asked to select the due date for the first assignment. From that information, all other assignments will be given new due dates that replicate the same duration between assignments that the first classroom had.


Can I still duplicate the assignments from an archived classroom?

Yes, you can easily duplicate assignments from an archived classroom by selecting the duplicate action from the edit menu.

Do I have to duplicate all the assignments in a classroom?

No, you can select which assignments you want to duplicate by un-checking the box next to assignments that you don’t wish to appear in the new classroom.


When duplicating, why is it asking me for only the first lesson’s assignment date and due date?

Rather than making you pick the assignment and due dates for all the lessons you are duplicating (which could take a lot of time, we are going to automatically calculate the due dates for all other assignments based on the duration of time between the original assignment dates. For instance, let’s say that last year, you assigned a lesson due every Friday (assignments were 7 days apart) and this year, the first assignment is due on a Tuesday. We’ll calculate all the other assignment dates as due on Tuesdays (or 7 days apart). Or, if your due dates were every other Wednesday (14 days apart) and this year, your first assignment is due on Friday, then subsequent assignments will be due every other Friday (14 days apart). Don’t worry, you can always change the due dates and assignment dates individually in the new classroom.


What is an assignment date?

This is a new feature that allows the teacher to pick a date for the assignment to appear in the student’s account. Previously, the lesson would appear as soon as the assignment was created by the teacher. Now that can be pushed to a later date if desired. 

What if I want to change the dates for later lessons?

It’s easy to change the assignment and due dates of any lesson. Simply go into the classroom, click on the pencil next to the assignment/due date and make the changes.

What if I want to remove a lesson that I duplicated into my classroom?

It’s easy to remove lessons from a classroom. Simply go into the classroom, click on the three dots to the right of the lesson name and select the delete button. You can also add new assignments into duplicated classrooms if you wish.


Can I duplicate lessons into an existing classroom?

Yes, simply select an existing classroom while going through the duplicate assignments workflow.

Can I duplicate lessons into more than one classroom? 

Yes. You would go through the duplicate classroom flow a second time to replicate the assignments in another classroom. Teacher accounts can have 10 classrooms active at a time.