Are you having challenges importing your Google Classroom into your Teacher membership? We know that can be frustrating, but our team has put together this easy-to-follow tutorial to help you troubleshoot!

If you’ve received either of the errors below when trying to import your Google classroom, follow the troubleshooting steps in this article.   




1. To troubleshoot the problem, you'll need to use a desktop computer. 

2. In a new tab, navigate to the page you were having a problem with. 

3. Next, you’ll want to open your web browser's developer tools. On most desktop browsers, you can do this by pressing control+shift+j (command+shift+j if you're using a Mac). 

4. If that’s not working, you can simply right click anywhere on the page and select the option “Inspect”. 

5. In the developer tools, click on the tab that is labeled “Console”. 

6. Look for any text that is red. Red text indicates errors that occurred on the page. The following are examples of errors that are due to critical resources being blocked: 




7. Alternatively, you can also look for a network tab in your developer console. Any lines here that have red text indicate a file that is needed for to work which your computer did not successfully download. 


The red text typically indicates a problem is being caused by your district/school blocking our site or other site resources hosted by other professional and reliable websites, and the error you are seeing indicates that not all of those resources are making it through the network.  

The next step is to request that your tech department add the following domains to their whitelist: 

Once this is done, please let us know if you continue to have issues importing your Google Classroom. Thank you for your patience!