This page details upcoming changes for all college credit recommended courses. 

If you are enrolled in one of the courses below, the changes will affect your course progress. We’re giving you advance notice of these changes so that you’ll have time to complete the course before we make changes if you would like to. If you do not finish the course and pass the final exam before the specified date, then you will need to complete any new lessons or assignments being added.

If you have any questions about these changes, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Upcoming Changes

Course NameUpcoming ChangesDate Effective

Recent Changes

Course NameRecent ChangesDate Change was made
Computer Science 304: Network System Design

Added the following lessons

  • Internet of Things: Definition, Components & Examples
  • Architectural Overview of the Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things Devices: Types & Uses
  • Internet of Things & Network Fabric
  • Zero-Configuration Networking: Definition & Example
  • Protocol Suites in the Internet of Things
  • Application Layer Protocol Analysis & the Internet of Things
  • Internet Security & the Internet of Things
  • IP Multicasting in a Network
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Networking: Routes & Example
  • LTE vs 5GE: Speed and Network
  • Mobile IP: Applications for Evolving Communications Technologies
  • Routing & Switching: Definition & Function
  • Router Architecture: Definition & Components
  • Switch Architecture: Definition & Components
  • Routing Protocols: Interior & Exterior Gateways
  • EIGRP: Definition, Protocol & Functionality
  • OSPF: Definition, Routing & Configuration
  • Routing Information Protocol: Definition, Function & Versions
  • Spanning Tree Protocol: Definition, Uses & Limitations
Computer Science 107: Database Fundamentals
Added the following lessons:
  • Entity Relationship Diagram: Example and Steps
  • Cardinality in Database Design: Examples and Crow's Foot Notation
  • Second Normal Form in DBMS with Examples
  • Installing Oracle Database Express Edition for Database Programming
  • Practical Application for Database Programming: Retrieving Data in Databases
  • Database Security Policies: Examples and Creation


Computer Science 110: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Added the following lessons:
  • Computer Virus Remediation: Process & Resources
  • Mobile Malware: Analysis & Detection
  • Mobile Malware: Protection & Removal
  • Advanced Malware: Protection, Analysis & Detection
  • Malware Analysis: Tools & Techniques
  • What is Computer Forensics? - Definition & Examples
  • The Digital Forensics Process
  • Digital Forensics: Tools & Resources
  • Using Digital Forensics to Detect Crime
  • Undoing Deletion of Data for Digital Forensics
  • Email in Digital Forensics & Crime
  • Trends in Digital Forensic Science
  • Internet of Things: Definition, Components & Examples
  • Internet Security & the Internet of Things


Computer Science 113: Programming in Python

Added the following lessons:

  • Using XML with Data Sets and Functions in Python
  • Multithreading in Python: Implementation and Types
  • Network Applications in Python
  • Creating Servers & Clients with Python Networking Tools
  • Tools Used for Machine Learning in Python
  • Using Tuples in Python
  • Queues in Python: Creation and Uses
  • CSV Files in Python: Opening, Updating and Saving


Business 313: Organizational Communication
A new assignment is being added to this course: 
  • Organizational Communication - Assignment 2: Organizational Tools & Techniques
Marketing 301: Marketing ResearchA new assignment is being added to this course:
  • Marketing Research: Assignment #2 - Marketing Survey

Computer Science 306: Computer ArchitectureA new assignment is being added to this course: 
  • Computer Architecture – Assignment 2: Converting Numbers & Truth Tables

English 305: Advanced Technical WritingAdded the following lessons: 
  • Online Communication: Differences, Timing & Conventions
  • Hashtags: Uses and Best Practices
  • Networking Sites: Pairing Profiles and Job Listings
  • Search Engine Optimization for Online Communication
  • Case Study: AI Writing Assistants
  • Case Study: Why Lego Instructions Only Have Pictures