's Teacher edition account allows you to create individual free student accounts for each student needed. This will allow you to track their progress separately. Our teacher plan is really meant to be used by licensed teacher in a classroom setting. Unlike our Homeschool Plan, our Teacher Edition only allows you to assign your students individual lessons and chapters and set a due date for these assignments. Students will not have access to course practice tests. This account type is typically used only to add additional content to a teacher’s lessons plan, so students will not be eligible to earn Course Certificates of Completion with our Teacher Edition. truly recommends our Homeschool Families sign up for our Homeschool Plan. With our Homeschool plan, your students will have access to the full site and can work on completing a full course at their own pace. offers a full academic curriculum for grades 3-12 that offers engaging instruction for multiple learning styles. Our homeschool curriculum offers 25,000 lessons tailored to your child’s learning style with the option to earn Course Certificates of Completion from One of the benefits of our platform is that students are not confined to a specific school year schedule. When your student finishes a course for their grade, they can move directly onto the next grade level. If they need more of a challenge, they can jump ahead further. Many of our homeschool parents enjoy our product because they can flexibly adapt the grade level and challenge of the curriculum to their children in a way that the structure of classroom schooling cannot. With our homeschool plan, you will have direct access to our Homeschool Hub, which is full of resources for homeschooler and homeschool families as well as our curriculum and more!