offers an engaging and easy to use platform that can accommodate a variety of special needs when it comes to the way your child learns.  In a traditional school setting, accommodations are put in place to help ensure student success. understands how vital these are and have built in common accommodations into our platform! Some examples are closed captions on our video lessons, video speed control, printable transcripts, summary segments, short quiz questions, and lesson summaries, course and chapter organization and so much more!

One of the benefits of our platform is that students are not confined to a specific school year schedule. Many of our homeschool parents enjoy our product because they can flexibly adapt the grade level and challenge of the curriculum to their children in a way that the structure of classroom schooling offers a full curriculum for grades 3-12 which allows your student to work at the pace needed for their learning style. There are no deadlines or time limits put in place, so your student will have all the time they need to master lessons and concepts and to complete their courses. As a parent, you will have the ability to customize your students learning experience to best suit their needs. has a library of resources for special needs education that may be helpful for you. First, this link includes information on special needs education in general, as well as information on how is built to be accessible and flexible to student and family needs. Please visit 

Special Needs education The resources page of our homeschool hub includes information on how to homeschool using, and ways to homeschool children with special needs. For more information, please visit Special Needs Homeschool Resources