Study provides a self-paced curriculum with everything your student needs to master a course. The video lessons average 8 minutes but it does not account for the time your student spends on learning and processing the information, taking quizzes, studying online flashcards, reviewing for chapter tests, taking chapter tests, completing writing assignments, discussion questions, projects or experiments, and reviewing for and taking the course final. 

Study provides tools for your student to learn and process the information taught in the video lesson. These tools include a transcript below each lesson that a student can read after watching the lesson, a printable transcript or fill-in-the-blank transcript that your student can highlight and follow along with while watching the video lesson a 2nd time, an online note-taking tool, a worksheet where students can fill in short answer responses to questions, online flashcards, discussion questions and lesson objectives for students to answer. Study also recommends old-fashioned note-taking and flashcards for vocabulary words. Study also provides a "watch the correct answer" button beneath every question on the assessments so students can continue the learning process. The feature will take your student to the exact lesson and the exact place in the lesson so your student can learn from their mistakes. This allows them to master all of the information in the lesson, chapter, and course. Study encourages families to take advantage of the writing prompts, writing assignments, discussion questions, projects, and experiments. These make great work samples and proof of your students' work along with chapter tests and the course final (course practice test).