To share lessons, chapters, and chapter exams with your students, you must create a Classroom or Import your Google Classroom through your dashboard (Teacher Edition Membership Only). 

1. Log in and go to the 'Classrooms Tab' under Teacher Tools on your left-hand side.

2. Click, 'Create Classroom' or 'Import Google Classroom'. Please name your Classroom and include the school name, if applicable, and press 'Create'.

3. Please name your Classroom and include the school name, if applicable, and press 'Create'.

Now your classroom is created and has generated a classroom code for that particular classroom.

3. Next, you will need to invite your students to their designated classroom. Click the name of the classroom and the 'Add Students' on the right-hand side of the page.

You will be given three options to invite your students to the designated classroom: a link with the classroom code, a classroom code URL, and inviting students by email address. We suggest using option 2 and posting into your LMS or send the link to all your students.

Once you have created the classroom and add students, you are now ready to share individual lessons, chapters and chapter exams.

4. To start, please search for the lesson or chapter you would like to assign. When you are on the lesson page, you will see a 'Teacher Tab' at the top of the lesson. The 'Teacher Tab' is more customizable compared to the Share buttons under Teacher Tools on your right-hand side.

5. Next, choose the classroom you would like to assign the lesson, select a due date, enter assignment instructions and click 'Assign'.

6. Yay! You've shared your first lesson. You may post the 'Share URL' into your LMS and the student will be redirected to that particular lesson. Please note the student must log into their Free Student account to access the lessons.

Please note every lesson that is assigned, the quiz will be included as well.

6. To View assignment scores. Through your Dashboard, you have access to two score reports: all the assignments that a student has completed, and all the students who have completed a single assignment. First score and best score (which might have been achieved after several attempts) are shown here. You can also see if a student has completed their assignment before or after the due date that you selected.

Start by navigating to the 'Classrooms' tab through your dashboard. This page will show you all your virtual classrooms. Please choose the classroom you would like to view your students' scores.

Once you're in the classroom's page, you may either click on the student's name to view individual scores or the 'Assignments' Tab for the entire classroom.

Next, please choose the assignment you would like to view. You may also use the filters at the top of the page to help you view the assignments that best your needs.

 You will then be navigated to the assignment page with your students' scores for that particular lesson. You may also download the CSV file if you would like.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to