Quiz Party is an interactive game that teachers can use in the classroom to assess student understanding. Teachers choose a Study.com quiz to display on a projected screen, and students answer the questions using their own devices (phone, tablet, etc). Quiz Party is a twist on Study.com quizzes that fosters classroom interaction, promotes long-term retention, and makes learning fun!

Pre-written questions are one of the key features of Quiz Party that sets it apart. Since the game uses Study.com quiz questions, there is no need for teachers to spend hours of their own time writing questions. And, since our questions are written by teachers, you can trust that they’re high quality. Simply choose from 75,000+ lessons and launch Quiz Party to reinforce what you’re teaching in class.

Another key feature is that each student’s answers are tracked, so you can see how well each student is doing (and whether or not they’re paying attention!). Note: Quiz Party does have a limit of 30 students, so if you have a large class, we recommend splitting up your students to play in teams. This is a good solution for any teacher hoping to build soft skills like communication and teamwork with their students as well.

In addition, the teacher is in full control of Quiz Party. The default time limit per question is 30 seconds. You can customize this before starting the game by choosing a time limit (15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds) or manually controlling the pace of the quiz. The ability to control the timing allows teachers to adjust for different levels of students who may need more time to process the question – or more of a challenge!

Finally, if students need review, the teacher can quickly return to the lesson content to go over difficult or confusing concepts. With a Teacher Edition, you can also assign the lesson to students so that they can study the lesson on their own time.

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