Parents may invite students with existing accounts to become a part of a new Family Plan. 

To do that, you must first create a new Family Plan Admin account and pay for a subscription. While going through the registration flow:

  • Select "Parent" for "What best describes you?" and "Homeschool" as your main goal
  • Enter the email address you'd like the parent admin account to have
  •  On the payment page, your selected plan should be "Family Plan"

Once you sign up, you will be prompted to add a student to your subscription. Start by entering the email address of the account you'd like to pull into your Family Plan. If we recognize the student’s email address as already existing in our system, you will be prompted to send an email invitation to that student to join the Family Plan. 

When the student accepts the invitation by clicking on the email invitation, their current plan will be cancelled, and any unused subscription amount will be refunded immediately. The student will then assume the new subscription purchased by your parent admin account, and you'll gain access to Family Plan features such as tracking progress and enrolling the student in courses.

Supported Account Types

Please note: Family Plans currently support Basic, Homeschool, Premium and College Accelerator plans. If you would like to add a student to your account but they have an account with an unsupported subscription, you'll need to have the student account change plans before following the steps above. Learn more about the features of the supported plans here.

Free Student Accounts

If your student has a Free Student Account managed through a teacher subscription, they can still be added to a Family Plan. After a Parent creates a Family Plan and enters a recognized email address, the student will receive an invitation to join the Family Plan. When the invitation is accepted by the student, they will assume the new paid subscription paid for by the parent. All their previous activity on the site will be retained under the new plan, including quiz scores.