You can track each of your children’s recent activity, course progress, and current grades under the Gradebook tab in your family admin account. You can switch between each of your children to see their individual activity and course progress. 


You will see a summary of each child’s activity for the current week, as well as their current progress in each enrolled course, including Custom Courses you have assigned to your child. If you see that your child is behind, you can always click the Pencil icon to update the target completion date for the course. You will see all the chapters your child needs to complete that week to stay on track underneath the summary box. Progress is earned whenever your child passes a quiz at the end of a lesson with at least a score of 4 out of 5. Your child’s course grade is based on the average of the highest score earned on all completed quizzes for that course. 


You can also View Course Details by clicking the button, which will show you what lessons and chapters they have completed. For each lesson, you can see your child’s quiz score the first time they took it, how many times they took the quiz, and their best score. You can click on the lesson to visit it and see exactly what your child has been learning. 


Finally, you can click Download gradebook in the right upper corner to export a spreadsheet with your child’s progress and scores for all their courses.