Sometimes, students want to create a second account to take additional courses in a month, or to retake a course they failed. This is not acceptable. Our Terms of Service require that each person have only one account. (See Section 4: "Your Access to the Site, Account Security.")

As part of our service offering transferable credit, we must maintain limits on the total number of times each student may attempt each lesson or exam, as well as limits on the number of course exams each student may take per month. These limits apply per person, not per account. It is not valid to exceed these limits by intentionally creating another account. That is considered a form of academic dishonesty.

When we become aware of a student who has completed lessons with two different accounts, we review the usage across the two accounts to determine the specifics of the situation. 

  • If the second account has only a small number of lessons completed, we would simply close down the second account and instruct the student to use only the first account. 
  • If there is no overlap between the two accounts (for example, if the student used one account to take only Math courses and the other account to take only English courses), we could make an exception to the "one account per person" rule. We would advise the student that both accounts are valid for now. We would tell the student that they must complete each already-in-progress course only in the account where they began it, and moving forward, they must choose one account to be their main account and use only that account.  We would then make a note in our transcript system that any time the student requests a transcript for one account, the other account's courses must be added.
  • If the student worked on the same course across two accounts, but in complete separation (that is, the student did all the coursework and the exam on the first account before they did any work for that course on the second account), we would inform the student that the first account was the only valid account for taking that course. If the student had gotten as far as completing the exam on the second account, we would mark that new exam attempt as invalid/Rule-Violation. 
  • If the student worked on the same course across two accounts at the same time, going back and forth between the accounts, we would most likely inform the student that both accounts' work on that course were invalid due to a rule violation, and they would not be able to earn credit for that course from

In all of the above cases, we would outline the rules we expected the student to follow, and we would advise them that violating those rules would result in the invalidation of any future credit earned. 

If you have already created a second account, email to provide the email addresses of your two accounts, so we can review your situation as described above.