Yes! First, you will need to change your existing subscription to be under your child’s email address. If it is not, click here and update the email address for that subscription. 

Then, go through the registration flow

  • Select "Parent" for "What best describes you?" and "Homeschool" as your main goal
  • Enter the email address you'd like the parent admin account to have
  •  On the payment page, your selected plan should be "Family Plan"

Once you've created your Family Plan admin account, you'll be prompted to add a student. Follow the steps on this solution to invite them to your Family Plan -

Since each family plan admin account needs a paid subscription attached to it, you will be charged for a new subscription when you complete this registration flow. However, once you associate the new parent subscription with your existing student account, we will automatically refund you the balance of the subscription charge that was previously paid for the student account. In transferring the subscription, nothing will be lost from your current student’s account activity (e.g. course progress, quiz results, etc.).